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In a rather strange development, Theresa May, Conservative candidate for Maidenhead, wrote to the Maidenhead Advertiser (15 April edition) with a cut-down version of a letter that she had sent directly to us, and to which we had replied (and posted the details on our website) long before the publication deadline for that edition.


George Chamberlaine asked in the 15 April edition of the Maidenhead Advertiser:

"Do you believe that where possible the public should be allowed to be involved in democracy by the use of referenda on key issues, both local and national?"

To which we would reply:


The Conservative Party and the Lib Dems speak about increasing the devolution of responsibilities to local authorities (LAs) or county authorities, but do they really mean it?

It's quite easy to propose an increase in the areas where LAs provide services, but if they don't also propose collecting a large proportion of the funds required for providing their services locally, councillors will tend to make decisions that win them votes on the basis of ignoring the industrial interests of an area. There are few votes given by Directors and Shareholders.

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