Peter Prior at Maidenhead's Hustings: Fighting for Britain's brighter future

Peter Prior at Maidenhead’s Hustings: Fighting for Britain’s brighter future

 Candidates contesting the Maidenhead and Twyford constituency were quizzed at a question and answer session at Furze Platt Senior on Thursday night, organised by Freedom& Responsibility’s party leader Peter Prior.


Peter Prior, Hustings, Thursday 29 April

Hustings - Thursday 29th April

Freedom & Responsibility will be taking part in a hustings event this week, so please do come along to support us and take part in what should be an interesting evening.

Hustings details:

Thursday 29th April

Furze Platt Senior School

18.00 hours


The panel consists of:

Peter Prior          Freedom & Responsibility

Pat McDonald    Labour

Billboard vandalism

As the election campaign steps up a gear, the fight is getting dirty…..

Campaign Launch Event

Local Maidenhead businessman, Peter Prior, launched his campaign to be the next Member of Parliament for the area at a crowded meeting of local voters on Tuesday evening.  Peter’s new party, Freedom and Responsibility is calling on politicians to “face the facts”.

 In his passionate speech Prior stresses his aims: a radical cut in government expenditure free schools from political control and make Maidenhead a better place to live.

 In his address, Peter summed up:

Campaign launch

Freedom & Responsibility will be holding a public meeting to launch Peter Prior's campaign on Tuesday 20 April at 6.00pm, at Sheephouse Farm, Maidenhead, SL6 8HL (see map below, click here if the map is not visible).

Peter will give a short talk on what the Freedom & Responsibility Party stands for, followed by Q&A and networking.

Dismantle perverse tax and welfare system

A letter from Bruno Prior, Freedom & Responsibility's Policy Director, setting out the rationale behind our proposal to replace large amounts of our complex and perverse tax and welfare system with a Basic Income + Flat Tax was published in The Maidenhead Advertiser today. The full text of the letter follows:

Campaign up and running

Peter Prior launched his campaign to become the next MP for Maidenhead, in an interview with the Maidenhead Advertiser today (25 March).