Why I want to be your MP

My initial reason for becoming a prospective candidate was frustration at the total inability of the present MP for Maidenhead, Theresa May, to grasp any substantive point that I made to her. She does not even make serious attempts to reply to the issues that I raise with her in writing. I could not find any other candidate who has announced intention to run against her, whose policies I could support, as they were either racist, single issue, compliant European super-statist, socialist or looney.

When I looked further into Mrs May's record, I found that in 13 years in Parliament, she had failed to make original contribution in the House of Commons to any of the important issues of our times. For instance:

No, Mrs May keeps her head down in the hope of fulfilling her ambition to become a Cabinet Minister. She has put herself on the line about nothing at all. I would not have wanted to have her in my rugby team.

And to what extent does Mrs May engage herself in local issues? She championed having a new hospital at Braywick, but where has that got to?

Maidenhead Town Centre is declining into ... well nothing much. The Chamber of Commerce has long expressed concern. But what has Mrs May done to bring life to the town centre? Support, in a formal sort of way, the efforts of Bob Dulson for PRoM and myself through the Waterways Restoration Group and the Chamber of Commerce itself, but has she done anything pro-active or original? Nothing whatsoever. Maidenhead needs dramatic action now from an activist, prepared to ruffle feathers if necessary, to bring new business to the town. Is Mrs May even capable, let alone willing to do it? NO SHE ISN'T. She wants to be a cabinet minister. That is what comes first for her. Not the interests of the town that she represents.

What could an MP do to bring life to our town?

  • Campaign, till the pips squeak, for direct rail access from the west and especially Maidenhead, directly into Heathrow airport.
  • Based on our then excellent communications, bring influence on a major group to have their head office here. 
  • On the back of that, could we persuade a department store into Maidenhead?
  • On the back of that, we would have the funds to improve the environment in the town centre, the waterways scheme is on the design board, an arts centre of some sort, possibly a statue park. Is it outragious to have that ambition?
  • Or possibly as an alternative, can we persuade a residential developer to create something really original, say near the bottom of Castle Hill- a landmark residential development, fully sustainable, which would itself draw in further investment.

We need our MP to be fearlessly working with our Council to achieve a change, not someone who never raises issues lest she can be shown to be wrong.

It's not just the centre of Maidenhead that needs leadership. We need new ideas drawing in private money to improve all our places.